When Will The New iOS 10 Emojis Be Available?

by Jessica Learish

This fall, your iPhone and iPad will get just a little more feminist. Apple announced that its fall operating system update will include more than 100 new emojis that are an intersectional dream come true. Included in the iOS 10 release, you’ll find several female athletes, male and female single parents, a rainbow flag, and tiny cartoon women doing jobs previously reserved for tiny cartoon men. But when will the new iOS 10 emojis be available? I for one can’t wait to start sending my friends the essential lady-lifting-weights emoji anytime I’m at the gym.

The short answer is that we don’t know exactly when iOS 10 will hit your mobile screen, but we can estimate based on Apple’s previous rollout schedules. The most likely release timeline for iOS 10 and its hundred-some new emojis is sometime in mid-September. Rumors have been swirling in internet circles that pre-orders for the iPhone 7 will begin on Sept. 9, with the official release date a week later. Again, these are just rumors, and not anything that's been confirmed by Apple, but if they're true then it means we don't have too much longer to wait.

In the past, Apple has released new versions of iOS approximately 48 hours before the official release date for the new phones, so we’re looking at new emojis becoming available for use sometime around Sept. 14 if the rumored release dates are accurate. So, the new emojis won't be ready in time for the Olympics, but they're coming soon after the games wrap.

Be comforted by the fact that you only have a few more weeks to wait before you can tweet all of the rainbow flags and female detectives (this one will come in very handy for all you internet sleuths). Another awesome thing about the new set of emojis — Apple is reforming its stance on guns, swapping the handgun emoji for a friendlier and less violent water gun. Until then, stay cool my fellow emoji poets.

Image: Apple