Jon Hamms it up on 'SNL': Lindsay Lohan's Back-up Host & More of His Funniest Appearances

Mad Men fans rejoiced last night when Jon Hamm made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live . Lena Dunham was the host, and Hamm entered for a skit entitled, "What Are You Even Doing? You're Being Crazy." The skit starred Dunham and Nasim Pedrad as middle school girls who recently sprinted through the gates of puberty. They invite boys to the show to revel in how weird it is that they're even there, and close with a Miley Cyrus-esque flirt with the camera. Bobby Moynihan kills it as Dunham's tapped out older brother, and his surprise flirt blows everyone's out of the water.

So where does Hamm come in? "My publicist told me to be here," he splutters, bowing his head in embarrassment for the flirt. This is, perhaps, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Hamm's drumming up support for season seven of Mad Men , which airs on April 13. This isn't the best SNL use of Jon Hamm by a long shot, but it does go to show that he has becoming something of an SNL institution. No matter what he does, people will love him because he's Jon Hamm. There will always be that raucous whoop from someone's mother in the audience when he appears. And while we're talking about Jon Hamm exciting people, let's run through some of his other most memorable performances and surprise entrances on the show.

"This Guy" in "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde"

thelonelyisland on YouTube

Hamm nails the, "Hey, I'm going to have sex with Rihanna!" face at 2:37.

Lindsay Lohan's Back-up Host

Once again, Hamm rolls in towards the end of the clip for a moment of extra strength comic relief. Jimmy Fallon, while comforting a nervous Lindsay Lohan during her opening monologue, mentions that they have Jon Hamm on standby in case she flubs.

Jon Hamm's John Ham

Whether it's his sculpted cheekbones or the Mad Men swagger, Jon Hamm completely sells this bathroom ham dispenser. "If you're as busy as I am," he says, "every day you have to make a decision. Am I going to eat lunch, or am I going to go to the bathroom? Now you never have to make that decision again." I can't wait to get my hands on one of these ham dispensers, conveniently located across from the toilet paper dispenser. "If it feels like a slice of ham," Hamm reminds us, "Don't wipe your ass with it."

Mark Sharon on "I Didn't Ask For This"

Hamm appears on a show for individuals who have been cruelly mocked on the internet after they are pranked, physically injured, or, in Hamm's case, possessing an extremely odd cry (for Hamm's entrance, skip to 3:20, and for the cry alone skip to 4:00). Hamm appears on the show to protest the auto tuning of his guttural wail, which he releases when his estranged son admits that he still loves him. While the auto tuning is the best part, Hamm's expression of outrage as he defends his emotion is what makes him a show regular. He doesn't just play along and wait for the laugh lines; he embodies the character. We would almost feel bad for him if we weren't laughing, which is the point of the skit.

James Mason on "Vincent Price's Halloween Special"

Kristin Wiig is fantastic as a "pirate, arrrrr," while Hamm is convincing as a very drunk and rascally Mason. Hamm shows that, when you need someone to play the dashing and morally corrupt lead man, he can always be counted in. Perhaps that's why he joined the cast of Bridesmaids, as Wiig's truly piggish fling.

Ultimately, Jon Hamm has joined the "unofficial" cast of SNL with his enthusiasm and dashing stage presence over the years. While he hasn't topped Alec Baldwin's sixteen times as host, Hamm's contributions lend a touch of old-timey glamour along with a dash of sex appeal and some truly fine acting chops. We'll gladly Hamm it up with him, anytime.