The Kylie Jenner Bday Collection Restock Is Coming

It's a gorgeous and golden hit! The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection sold out upon launch on August 1. No surprise there. The range, which is infused with gold, features new lip colors, new eye products, and gilded packaging, is slated to be available through Jenner's 19th birthday on August 10. So the makeup maven should be restocking the collection more than once over the next eight days. The first restock of the Kylie Jenner Birthday Collection is scheduled for Thursday, August 4.

What time do you need to be online and ready to shop the maroon Leo Lip Kit, the gold Poppin Gloss, the Mini Matte Collection, the Dark Bronze Kyliner, and more?

The Kylie Jenner Birthday Collection restock is set for 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on Thursday, August 4. The supply of this special set of products will be replenished on Thursday afternoon. So get your credit cards ready, make a list of the products you really want to shop in advance, and open your browser to the Kylie Cosmetics site, which is the brand's sales platform, at that time.

August 10 may mark Kylie Jenner's final year as a teenager. But she is inviting all of her fans and customers to celebrate alongside her with beautiful makeup.

I love the gold-dipped twist on the now-iconic, dripping lips packaging. The caption confirms the Thursday restock at 4 p.m./1 p.m. You may as well take a second to make a note in your calendar now, so you don't forget to shop. I expect the collection to sell out again so advance planning when shopping Kylie Cosmetics products is essential.

What Birthday Ed. products are you most interested in?

How about the gold gloss, named "Poppin," or the Metal Matte, dubbed "Lord?"

What about grabbing a pot of metallic creme shadows in Rose Gold, Copper, or both?

What a gold-drenched haul! There are tons of products to choose from.

The maroon Leo Lip Kit is a winner, too.

Good luck shopping the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection on August 4.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)