Keibler's Married To Not-George Clooney

As far as we know she's cornered the market on "Female wrestlers who also dated George Clooney," and now she's a sadie*: Stacy Keibler got married this weekend. While you're probably kicking yourself over forgetting daylight savings time she's probably on the tail-end of her wedding night. Her husband of choice? That'd be Jared Pobre (above), 39, whom she started dating this past fall. They were married on a beach in Mexico on Saturday March 8, at sunset.

Pobre is a tech entrepeneur, who according to IBTimes is "a CEO at Future Ads, a digital media platform for "results-focused" online advertising. He founded the company in 2001, and it now rakes in an estimated $50 million." Cool? Apparently the wedding was "intimate" and "private," which is code for "they didn't announce it to the press or invite every one of their facebook friends."

The pair didn't start dating until this past fall, but according to Us Weekly they'd known each other and been friends for over five years before they got together. Some of that friendship time was when she was in her most well-known relationship to date, her two year relationship with confirmed bachelor and Hollywood prankster/former owner of the best villa ever George Clooney.