The 'Beat Bugs' Soundtrack is Full Of Epic Covers

Netflix' latest venture is geared towards children using a method that is sure to get the adults in the room interested — your favorite songs of yesterday (no pun intended) sung by your favorite stars of today. Can you buy the Beat Bugs soundtrack? Luckily, all of the kid-friendly Beatles covers, or "songs from the Lennon/McCartney ‘Northern Songs’ catalogue" as the official press release reads, will be available on Apple Music — but only there until Nov 4, at which point the CD will be released.

This star-studded soundtrack includes, between the current Season 1 and the upcoming Season 2, artists like British sensation Robbie Williams, late night darling James Corden, Tori Kelly, The Lumineers, Of Mice And Men, Jennifer Hudson, Rod Stewart, and Regina Spektor. According to official press materials from Netflix, there are 27 tracks. Incredible! The Season 2 soundtrack will be released in November, and you can expect a "Best Of" album as well that features highlights from both seasons.

Beatles covers have been done in different ways for decades, but what I think is going to be fun about Beat Bugs is the way that this will introduce new generations to the Beatles. Imagine (again, no pun intended) loving this animated show about bugs as a child, and then growing up to discover this world of amazing music that you can appreciate in a new light. Here's a taste of the amazing Beatles songs that all the cool kids will be tapping their toes to soon enough.

1. "Blackbird"

One of my favorite, weird little Beatles tuns sung by one of my favorite, weird little artists — Sia!

2. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"

Pink is taking this and, of course, it's an amazing anthem.

3. "Magical Mystery Tour"

You can tell by this little teaser that Eddie Vedder's cover is going to be well-loved.

4. "All You Need Is Love"

Maybe this will help me get over how that beautiful wedding scene in Love Actually had nefarious, creepy intentions.

5. "Penny Lane"

There's no preview for this one yet, and I'm not sure who sings it on the show, but I can't wait. This song lends itself so easily to storytelling. It's basically like a trip to Star's Hollow.

6. "In My Life"

One of my quiet favorites, sung on the show by singer-songwriter Frances, not Ed Sheeran. Though his cover is lovely as well.

7. "Carry That Weight"

Another as-of-this-moment mystery track, and a Beatles song that I think deserves more credit. It's towards the end of "Abbey Road," which is such an amazing album full of big hits, so I'm glad that Beat Bugs is giving this song a chance to shine. Here's a different cover, not from the show, to get you pumped! Clearly, the Beat Bugs soundtrack is going to be an epic mixtape that kids and adults are going to love.