Superhero Flicks, Indies, And Noir Join Forces In First 'Sparks' Trailer

We mentioned briefly earlier today that April's about to become a pretty superhero-packed month, what with Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out but a few weeks before The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What we neglected to mention was that, well, every season is pretty much superhero season in this Hollywood ecosystem — even in the Indie sect. And so we have the trailer for Sparks , an indie noir superhero flick. An indie, a noir, and a superhero flick is a lot of things to be, so we'll leave it up to you to decide if the trailer pulls it off and/or if you think the film will.

Here's the film's synopsis, according to its official website:

The city faces a deadly killer. He goes by many names, has many faces... all of them deadly. Is he Kevin Sherwood? Is He Ring Master Jesus. Is he The Matanza Killer?Ian Sparks will learn. Fighting crime became a mission for Sparks when he lost his parents in a fireball car crash. Burning with desire for revenge, he finds himself in the belly of the beast, where havoc is wreaked for profit and life is cheap. Joining a handful of super heroes operating in the shadows, what they have in common is greater than Sparks can imagine; but the cost of finding the killer and uncovering the truth may be more than he can afford.

And you can watch the trailer below:

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Image: Sideshow Productions