How To Pronounce Different Types Of Wine

We've all experienced that moment of panic — sitting in a nice restaurant with white table cloths and multiple forks, flipping through a wine list as long as the last Harry Potter book, trying to figure out how to order a glass of "sancerre" without sounding like a buffoon. Whether you like red, white, or rosé, it's difficult to learn how to pronounce different types of wine when there are so darn many of them! For the lover of this tasty fermented grape juice the struggle is real. If you are tired of doing the old "vague point and mumble" when ordering, it's a good idea to brush-up your wine knowledge, and a new video from The Artist's Movement is here to help.

Fear not, as you are not alone in your anxiety over wine pronunciation. In the video, three daring Millennial oenophiliacs brave a daunting wine list, trying their best to pronounce the many different types of wine — and figure out which ones have silent “G”s or “T”s. The New York City restaurant's wine list they use is so fancy that it comes on a iPad (the future is here). While our intrepid readers got most of the pronunciations wrong, they never gave up.

There are over 10,000 varieties of wine grapes in the world, which makes hundreds of different wine varietals — and most of them are freakin’ delicious. But just because you took Spanish in high school instead of French, doesn't mean you want to drink Malbec all the time! Here are a few tasty grapes and how to pronounce them correctly:

Wine: ViognierCorrect Pronounciation: Vee-oh-nyay

Viognier is a full-bodied white wine grown primarily in the south of France. There's no shame in getting the pronunciation wrong for this rich, creamy, fragrant wine. French is booby trapped with silent letters, from the "T" at the end of Merlot to the "R" at the end of "Viognier." Ugh. Why must you be so difficult wine! Just get in my mouth already!

Wine: ChardonnayCorrect Pronunciation: Shar-doh-nay

Chardonnay is one of the most popular wines in the world and as such, most people have no trouble pronouncing it. If you don't know what you want to drink — Chardonnay is always a fine choice.

Wine: Zibibbo, Muscat of AlexandriaCorrect Pronunciation: Zi-BEE-bo

Zibibbo is a member of the Muscato family, and one of the most ancient grapes. It's often used to make sweet, uncomplicated white wines, but it can be quite a mouthful if you dare try and say it out loud.

Wine: GarganegaCorrect Pronunciation: gahr-GAH-neh-gah

This white Italian wine grape makes the popular blend Soave. The grape is usually grown in North Eastern Italy and can make a subtle wine with notes of almond, lemon, and spice. Yum!

Check out the full video here and see if you're pronouncing your vino of choice correctly:

Oh great. Now I'm thirsty.

Images: Serge_Esteve/Unsplash, TheArtist'sMovement/YouTube