Amy Sedaris Joins Jane Krakowski In Fox's 'Dead Boss', But Not As Who We Want Her To Be

Our first response to hearing the following casting news was "YESSSS!!! AMY SEDARIS!!! STRANGERS WITH CAANDDYYYY!!! COMEDIC BRILLIAANNCEE." That immediately got scaled back from blind celebration to piqued interest and general pleasure with an undercurrent of expectations not meant. That's because Amy Sedaris has been cast in Dead Boss , a fox comedy pilot starring Jane Krakowski. But she's not one of the headliners, and, to make this all about us and our feelings, that makes us sad.

Amy Sedaris, who starred in cult classic series-turned movie Strangers With Candy — which was created by Sedaris alongside The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Mitch Rouse, and which you should check out if you like deeply weird, great comedy — has been cast, according to Deadline, as "Mary, one of Helen’s nosy, fault-finding co-workers and the gatekeeper to their boss who secretly loved the man and openly hated Helen."

Here's the concept for the series:

A comedic mystery that finds overachiever Helen Stephens (Krakowski) wrongfully convicted of murdering her boss and forced to rely on her train wreck of a sister to prove her innocence.

Picturing her in the sister role had us pretty satisfied. Then we realized she wasn't playing one of the big leads, and the main emotion was a plaintive "why though???" We've seen from Strangers With Candy that Sedaris plays trainwreck unlike anybody else.

We're pretty psyched Sedaris booked herself a major series — she should be a household name, and everywhere all the time. Here's to hoping the show gives her a lot to work with.