'Veronica Mars' Cast Tries To Outdo Ellen In the Selfie Game With Adorable SXSW Premiere Pic

You guys, it's almost here. I can almost feel it. Can you feel the marshmallowey goodness? Can you ignore my slightly gross phrasing of that last sentence? The Veronica Mars movie is almost here, and in fact it's already premiered at SXSW. So let's all just swallow our raging inner jealousy that there are people out there who have seen the movie when we haven't, and look at the incredibly adorable selfie the cast took together at that premiere. It will hear years of wounds and bitter feelings towards The CW.

You can see the taking of the photo above, as well as the result below (shoutout to Tina Majorino for pulling of an A+ photobomb while simultaneously being a legit part of the selfie group. A rare feat.), underneath a reminder of the film's synopsis:

I am so ready.