How To Help The Khan Family & Fight Against Trump

Amidst publicly grieving for their son at the Democratic National Convention, Khizr and Ghazala Khan have also become victims of Donald Trump's tirade of abuse. The Republican presidential nominee used Khan's speech, which called out Trump for his continued disrespect of Muslims, to do exactly what he has been doing the entire election: personally berate an entire group of people, now including the grieving parents of a fallen soldier. Trump's attacks left many wondering how to help the Khan family, whether by aiding the parents directly or sticking it to the GOP nominee.

One way you can honor the memory and sacrifice of the Khans' son is by visiting Humayun's grave at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Scores of people from across the country have already stopped by the gravesite to pay their respects, leaving flowers and notes for the fallen soldier and his family.

According to NBC Washington, many visitors to the cemetery have decided to pay their respects to Humayun in the wake of Trump's persistent attacks against the family. Commenting on Humayun's sacrifice, one visitor to the cemetery told NBC Washington: "He was willing to step up and save the lives of men who were different skin color, who were different religions. Because they were American, he was willing to sacrifice his life for them. He just acted upon his patriotism."


Another way you can indirectly help the Khan family is by donating to VoteVets, a nonprofit organization that works for the betterment of veterans and campaigns for progressive veteran policies. The organization recently released an open letter written by the families of 17 servicemembers who were killed while serving on active duty, demanding that Trump issue a formal apology to the Khans and all Gold Star families. The letter, in part, called Trump's comments "offensive, and frankly anti-American."

By making a donation, you could likewise help soldiers born to immigrant parents. Despite being lifelong Americans, many children born to immigrant parents face barriers to open service.

And of course, the most obvious way to help the Khan family, as well as the groups that face continuous prosecution at the hands of Trump and his policy proposals, is to simply not vote for the Republican nominee. Whether by voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or a member of a third party, one of the most powerful methods of change is enacted by casting your ballot. Show Trump through your vote that his abuse of the Khan family and the entire Muslim population is not only despicable, but makes him completely undeserving of the presidency.