Why Don't I Have Instagram Stories Yet?

On Tuesday, Instagram announced the launch of Instagram Stories, a feature that lets users post temporary collections of photos and videos. Instagrammers are understandably psyched about the update, but some are still waiting to get it. If you’re tearing at your hair, wailing, “Why don't I have Instagram Stories yet??”, take a deep breath. It’s going to be OK. There might be a couple of different things going on, and I’m here to walk you through them.

First, be sure that you’ve updated Instagram on your phone to the latest version (Version 9.0). To check if you have an update, go to the App Store and tap on “Updates” in the lower right corner. There, you’ll be able to see if there is an Instagram update available. If there is, download it.

You may find that you simply haven’t gotten the upgrade yet. In a blog post yesterday, Instagram said that Instagram Stories would be “rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.” Some users got the update yesterday; I just got it this afternoon (OH HAPPY DAY). An Instagram spokesperson told Bustle that, at this point, most people should have the update, but there are still some who are waiting. If this is you, be patient (I know, easier said than done). You’ll get it eventually.

But what if you’ve downloaded the update and you still haven’t got Stories? Here’s what maybe going on: After downloading Instagram v. 9.0, you need to force quit the app. (To force quit on an iPhone, double click the home button, scroll over the app you want to quit — in this case, Instagram — and swipe upward with your thumb to make the app disappear). When you restart Instagram, Stories should be there. You’ll be able to tell if you have Stories because you’ll see a bar across the top of your screen, with an Instagram logo on it. (You can see that in the screenshot above.) (Also, GUINEA PIGS.) If you tap that icon, a Story from Instagram will open with this image:

Tap the image to see other photos and videos in the Story.

And that’s it! Have fun Story-making, kids!

Images: Studio Firma/Stocksy; Lucia Peters/Bustle (2)