Volunteer For Jill Stein If You Wanna Go Green

Presumptive Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein's nomination is almost certain to be made official on Aug. 6 at the party's convention. The candidate is poised to receive an unusual level of attention and support in this election, given the high unfavorability ratings of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, as well as Stein's platform affinity with Clinton's primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders. But it's going to take a lot of work to get Stein even past the 5 percent mark in the general election, and she needs all the help she can get. And if you're interested, you can be part of that help by volunteering for Stein.

Stein has been working hard to redirect the momentum and enthusiasm of Sanders supporters into her campaign. Sanders outperformed everyone's expectations with his unlikely candidacy; something that doubtless was due in large part to the efforts of his volunteers. Stein is leading both a traditional on-the-ground campaign and a social-media-focused effort to rapidly spread her word and get more people on board. The result for would-be volunteers is a broad range of options for pitching in. No matter how much or little time you might have, there's likely something you can do to contribute to Stein's campaign.

Sign Up

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The simplest and most direct way to get started is to sign up on Stein's website. You'll fill out a form with your name, contact information, and availability. Conveniently, there's also a checklist where Stein lets you know the different types of volunteer work she's looking for, so you can specify in which areas you'd be able and willing to help out.

Consider Your Strengths


Do you love meeting new people and speaking in public? Do other human beings terrify you? Whether you're a social butterfly or a recluse, there's something you can do for Stein.

Some of the volunteer work Stein's campaign needs can be done from your home, such as making phone calls, texting, and writing an opinion piece for your local paper. There are also opportunities to get more involved in the campaign by organizing within your community or petitioning to get her on the ballot in your state. Stein's looking for tech and design help, too, so if you have specialized skills in these areas, you can let her know. There's also a comment section you can use if there's a way you want to contribute not included on the website's checklist.

Make It Official

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If you're able to invest a good chunk of time in Stein's campaign and want more structure and consistency to your efforts, then check out the "Volunteer Positions" page. There are a number of positions to fill, including volunteer coordinators in every state, ballot access coordinators in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming, signature validators, fundraising assistant, op-ed template developer, and people to manage various social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. These positions require you to apply.

Get Your Friends In On It


For a third-party candidate, visibility is everything. Every conversation you have about Stein with someone unfamiliar with her is kind of an unofficial act of volunteering in its own right. Extra points if you convince people around you to join in volunteer work as well.

Whether you prefer to stay behind the screen or can't wait to hit the streets, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for Stein.