Coffee Lemonade Is Your New Summer Pick-Me-Up

It was about time for a new food trend to pop up on the internet, and I am happy to report that it involves that sweet liquid gold we lovingly refer to as coffee. Turns out that Brooklynites have created a coffee lemonade hybrid. Trust me, if you are confused by this news, I was too. Further research proved to be very helpful and enlightening.

Coffee lemonade is exactly what you think it is. A refreshing drink that combines the refreshing taste of lemonade with the energy boosting effects of a summer favorite — iced coffee. It started where most delicious food trends start: Instagram. A photo of the creation was posted in June, and it took off. People were intrigued with the idea and liked the twist on the Arnold Palmer recipe that's super popular during the summer. The idea that lemonade would go well with coffee was in of itself a very interesting one. I know I want to try it as soon as possible!

If you currently reside in NYC you can try it for yourself. All you have to do is make your way over to Brooklyn and walk over to Stand Coffee. This item is on their menu and ready to satisfy your curiosity. With the trend taking off, it might just be a matter of time before you will see this as a coffee shop regular.

Since money doesn't grow on trees and artisanal coffee drinks are usually expensive, especially in NYC, you might be wondering how to make this bad boy at home! Lucky for you, YouTube is a space where drinks like coffee lemonade thrive. Watch the video below and learn how to make one at home.

Fun fact: The drink is actually not native to the United states. In fact, you can find it in Sweden and Mexico! Thankfully, you won't have to travel too far to try this gem for yourself. And just in case that doesn't float your caffeinated boat, or you are now craving interesting combinations inside of coffee, look no further. Here are some other tried and true interesting coffee combos:

1. Butter And Coffee

Instead of smearing that butter on toast, try putting it inside of your coffee. From what I hear, it's pretty delicious! People swear that it boosts energy.

2. Egg And Coffee

While sounds very strange at first, people from Scandinavia have been adding raw eggs to their coffee for centuries. Who are we to argue with tradition? And for those looking to add some muscle, maybe this is the best way to get things done. P.S.: The video is a not an official cooking video.

3. Cardamom And Coffee

If you are looking to get rid of that jittery buzz altogether, adding these seeds to your grinder along with coffee will get the job done!

Images: Pixabay, Giphy (2)