Sophia Grace and Rosie's Claire's Jewelry Line Is Totally Hipster Cool

Famed British youngsters "Sophia Grace and Rosie have released a "line" of "jewelry" at Claire's that's pink and sugary enough to give the most hardened of princess a toothache. Sure, it's supposed to be aimed at small children, but if you look beyond the saccharine packaging, there's something deeper going on here. Something — dare we say it? — a little bit radical.

Are these twinkling tiaras and BFF pendants secretly a source of pink-suffused, ironic cool? We had to find out.

A charm bracelet

The charms on this bizarre bracelet are as follows: a sparkly pink crown (obviously), the tiny faces of Sophia Grace and Rosie themselves, and… two kittens. Though charm bracelets are traditionally used to signify important events in the wearer’s life, this one asks the big questions: Where is the line between aspiration and reality drawn? And is it drawn in pink?

Hipster rating: “A” for weirdness.

A golden tiara

Points off for unoriginality, ladies! There’s nothing unique about this glitzy pink and gold tiara. Sure, it’s easy to stick to your own tried-and-true aesthetic, but great art comes from taking risks.

Hipster rating: “B-” for predictability.

This BFF necklace

A best friend necklace with a photo of you and your BFF is a cute idea. But a BFF necklace with a photo of someone else’s BFF? That’s meta.

Hipster rating: “A+” for commentary on the nature of representation in friendship.

Lip balms decorated with a tutu

This lip balm packet comes in two colors, so you can share one with your BFF based on her skin tone. (Inclusivity is hip! Not everyone looks good in the same shade of pink!) Even better, each balm is encased in a tutu, which calls to mind the Dada art movement. Why are they wearing tutus? Lip balms don’t have legs! There are no answers here — and that’s the point.

Hipster rating: “A” for pushing the boundaries of realism.

A hair bow

In December, Vogue declared the hair bow Spring 2014’s “most versatile accent,” and sure, this accessory brings just the right pop of color to an all-black beatnik look. That being said, it’s never cool to be overly on-trend.

Hipster rating: “B+” for mainstream-ification.

Matching necklace/bracelet set

While we appreciate the dedication to matching (and the stretch fit), we’re kind of skeeved out that the cats are back. It’s like they’re controlling Sophia Grace and Rosie with their cat-minds. Hold on… are the girls saying something about media and mass production here? Are these cats symbols of the Big Cats who decide which art gets disseminated to the people and which art gets repressed? RADICAL, MAN.

Hipster rating: “A” for commentary on means of production in art.