You Really Need Kylie Jenner's Birthday Makeup Bag

It's in the bag! Kylie Jenner's Birthday Edition Collection was restocked on Thursday, August 5. As expected, plenty of products flew off the shelves, as fans scooped them up with aplomb. The gold-dipped Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is available through August 10, which is Jenner's 19th birthday. Since the makeup mogul revealed the gilded collection, I've been eyeing the Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag — a black, medium-sized, and nylon carryall with the signature, dripping lips graphic on the front. It's a part of the limited edition collection and comes with a $42 price tag. Is the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection makeup bag sold out? Or is it still available to shop, so you can store your Lip Kit or Kyliner or creme shadow haul in super cute fashion?

The Kylie Cosmetics top zip makeup bag is actually still available on the brand's site, which serves as its sales platform. I am leaning towards purchasing this makeup bag and not just because it's there and available. This isn't about leftovers.

I am magnetically sucked into its vortex bc it's my favorite color, the graphic is dirty chic, and because it could double as a cute clutch. I don't need it to be super roomy. I am really drawn to it because it's adorbs and I can get a lot of mileage out of it.

What a rad bag! I think we — as in you and I — really need it because it's versatile.

It does look semi-sizable when compared with the other Birthday Collection products in this shot.

The official product description doesn't offer much information about the bag's dimensions. It's simply labeled as "medium," which is fine.

The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection has proven to be quite a hit. So you may as well snag some of the products while they are still available. I think I need to get off the fence and grab the makeup bag before it's gone, baby, gone. Because it's going.

As of press time, a small supply of Birthday Collection products is still available for purchase. You can shop the makeup bag, the golden Poppin Kylie Gloss, and the Lord Metal Matte.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Kylie Cosmetics (2)