Did Gisele Bring Her Kids To The Olympics?

With the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony here, viewers are finally getting a chance to experience the events that have been hyped up for weeks: The march of nations, the introduction of world class athletes from around the globe, and Gisele Bündchen's return to the runway in Rio. Bündchen's appearance, of course, was arguably one of the most anticipated — and in addition to having me question what her big event would be, I also found myself wondering if Bündchen's kids would be at the Olympics opening ceremony, or if her husband, Tom Brady, would be.

Bündchen and Brady have been married for over six years, and their family appears to be a close one from paparazzi photos and stories about the duo. So, I initially felt I would be surprised if Brady and the kids weren't there to support Bündchen during an event she expressed to PEOPLE was one that was making her nervous. (I know, supermodel Gisele Bündchen nervous about something? Preposterous.)

Well, a it turns out, Brady actually isn't there — according to that same PEOPLE article Brady is actually stuck in Boston, where the family lives, to train for the New England Patriots' next football season. However, Bünden has brought the couple's children, five-year-old Benjamin and three-year-old Vivian, to Brazil with her. Though they weren't shown on screen (understandably, for privacy reasons), it stands to reason that they were likely there.

It's so sweet that Bündchen brought her kids — who both speak Portuguese as well as English, according to PEOPLE — to see where their mother is from, as well as to see her participate in such a legendary, famous event. Who else has the feels now?!