The Best Memes & Jokes From The Parade Of Nations

Around 200 nations marched in the Rio Olympics at the Parade of Nations, which is, arguably, always the best part about Olympic opening ceremony. The Parade of Nations gives us the chance to not only celebrate these brilliant athletes, but to also play our own global version of Fashion Police. Which country is best dressed? Who wore their nation's colors best? How ridiculous do our American athletes look this year? And, as always, the Parade of Nations gives us some great memes and jokes — all in good fun, of course.

This year, some of the memes and jokes took a political turn. We're only a few months out from the 2016 presidential election, and just six months out from a possible Donald Trump presidency, and it's getting real. For some Americans watching the Rio Olympics Parade of Nations on Friday, there was more pride and allegiance for Canada: the future residence for those who threaten to leave the country if Trump is elected.

But the Parade of Nations also gave us some funny quips from commentators, an abundance of fun facts about the different countries, and, of course, a close-up look at the athletes in all their pre-Olympics glory.

Here are the best memes and jokes from the Rio Olympics Parade of Nations:

From fashion advice to political commentary, these memes and jokes will help you relive the best and most hilarious moments of the Parade of Nations.