Lena Dunham's Double Date with the Obamas Proves She's Not Your Average Chick

If you thought that Girls star Lena Dunham was "just like you," this picture should prove, once and for all, that she's in a whole 'nother league. Before she hosted Saturday Night Live this past Saturday night, Dunham's boyfriend Jack Antonoff, the drummer from the band fun., posted a photo to his Instagram account of himself, Dunham, and President Obama and Michelle Obama looking all buddy-buddy. Ya know, as ya do. Apparently, the photo is a relic from last summer, which we could have deduced from the fact that everyone is wearing breezy outfits and New York has been frozen in time for months, but E! News actually approached the photo with True Detective detail and determined the pic is from the Fourth of July picnic that fun. played at at the White House last year.

So Lena Dunham can wear as many wrinkly rompers as she wants henceforth, but no one should buy her "I'm every woman" act, because what kind of regular girl from Brooklyn gets to throw her arm around Barack Obama who, might I add, is wearing a perfectly casual coral oxford shirt? And gets to witness, in real life, the glory of Michelle Obama's arm muscles? Antonoff captioned the photo "Really sick double date," which for some reason feels like a jeer at all of us lesser mortals.

Really sick indeed, Antonoff. So jealous.

Images: duckyantonoff/Instagram