How To Donate To The More Project

During the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Friday night, 40 Brazilian children, dressed all in white, took to the stage to perform the Olympic anthem. The young singers of the Olympic anthem were from The More Project, an American-Brazilian nonprofit organization that aids Brazilian families and is committed to ending the cycle of poverty in Brazil. All 40 children have received some form of support from The More Project, and now, you can lend your support to the growing nonprofit.

The More Project is dedicated to providing Brazilian children living in poverty with meals, shelter, and education. The nonprofit says its ultimate mission is to build "a generation free from violence, drug trafficking, early pregnancy, child prostitution, abandonment and illiteracy."

According to the nonprofit's website, The More Project provides 9,000 meals to Brazilian children each month, as well as monthly food baskets to their families. The nonprofit also runs several educational and empowerment programs for children and teens, including the Believer's Project, which provides courses in core subjects such as math, Portuguese, and literacy.

Do you have some spare cash and want to make a difference this year, even with just a small contribution? Then consider making a tax-deductible donation to The More Project, which takes contributions via text message. You can text "BRAZIL" to the number 20222 and make an immediate, one-time $10 donation.

The More Project also takes donations via an e-payment system. You can make a one-time payment directly on The Moore Project website, or even set up a monthly payment plan. The organization promises that all donations made online are secure and that none of your personal information will be given out.

If you want to be more involved, you can sponsor a child, which requires a monthly $25 donation. By sponsoring a child, you'll be able to have a larger impact in a child's life. The More Project provides sponsors with information on maintaining correspondence with your sponsored child, providing gifts on your sponsored child's birthday, and even how to visit your sponsored child in Brazil. According to The More Project, the sponsorship program "encourages the development of meaningful relationships and builds a long-term committed group of donors banding together to fight the devastating effects of poverty in Brazil."

Although the sponsorship contribution is low at $25, it actually takes around seven sponsorships to support a child or teen. This is why it's even more important to consider making a contribution to The More Project — every little bit counts.