Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas Have A Wedding On The Way If A Plastic Card Is Any Indication

There could be another royal wedding on the way and we know this because reportedly Prince Harry gave Cressida Bonas a... key card? The giving of a key card isn't some long-standing royal ritual that you haven't heard of, Kensington Palace is just more technologically advanced than you'd expect. According to Vanity Fair, Bonas "now has her own security pass so that she can swipe in and out the gates of the historic royal dwelling."

Basically, this is like receiving an apartment key from your significant other. Based on my life experience (fine, television watching), this means that now years will pass without an engagement while one partner wonders if marriage will ever be in the cards for them and complains to her friends about it at brunch, but I guess things are different for the royals.

Vanity Fair goes on to say that Harry has his own "apartment" at the Palace — I'm thinking it's not your typical apartment — and a source added that Bonas visits often. As she should because it's her boyfriend. "Cressida is in and out the palace all the time. She slips in and out very undetected. I saw her emerge at the back exit of the palace and head to Notting Hill where she jumped on the tube. She and Harry have found a way to be very normal together which is very important to her.”

Prince Harry and Bonas recently became more public about their two-year relationship by attending events together. Obviously, this got everyone in a tizzy because it could mean another royal wedding, another royal baby, another look at Pippa Middleton's ass! But that might not be the case because Harry's a ginger rebel that will not be held down by tradition. (That's what people think of him, right? Someone British back me up on this.)

Like most things, people are placing bets on whether or not Harry and Bonas will be engaged by the end of this year and bookkeepers have the odds placed at 8/13. How romantic!