Watch "trailer" for Sean Bean's 'Macbeth'

by Anna Klassen

So this is something... different. We already knew kickstarter was changing the way movies are being made, but how are actors changing for kickstarter? Sean Bean's The Enemy of Man kickstarter project just got a concept trailer, proving that Hollywood's biggest stars have passion projects their willing to gravel for. But wait, a "concept" trailer? What the hell is that? Basically, it's a trailer that's created before a film is even made, before a budget is confirmed, and before a script is written. Traditionally, it's a plea to studios, a way to show those with the money why a particular film should be made. But in the world of kickstarter, concept trailers are crafted for the fans.

According to the film's official website, Enemy of Man is Macbeth , reimagined: "The Enemy of Man will have a unique cinematic quality, stripping back the dialogue and cranking up the action. It traverses a bleak, frozen landscape of shattered castles and pillaged towns, rendering the interior world that clouds Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s addled minds, as they sink deeper into their heart of darkness. A timeless masterpiece of war, ambition, betrayal, murder and ultimately, revenge."

Kickstarter is appealing to actors for several reasons. When they have a passion project, like The Enemy of Man, their is an automatic fan base built in. If the project gets funded, those who contributed financially to the production will be invested in the project. It's their dollars being put to work, after all.

And with the success of fan fueled projects like The Veronica Mars Movie and Zach braff's project, we know there is a hunger for fans to get even closer to the material they love. The Enemy of Man boasts a beloved cast, with actors from the Harry Potter franchise (Rupert Grint) and Game of Thrones (Sean Bean, Charles Dance) taking leading roles.

As of Monday afternoon, the project had raised $27K, with the goal of $250K by April 6 to get the project greenlit. From the looks of the trailer, the project is playing heavily off the Game of Thrones. Watch the Shakespearian spot below: