An A-List Actor Narrates That Great Nike Ad

The Olympics haven't even been in play for a few days and already, the games are inspiring worldwide viewers with athletic feats. Even the commercials, like Nike's "Unlimited You," an ad spot that shows pro and amateur athletes defying the physical limits set for them by the commercial's narrator, know it. The narrator of the Nike "Unlimited You" commercial lends his dreamy, surprised-at-amazing-athleticism voice to the inspiring ad, and that voice belongs to none other than everyone's No. 1 crush, Oscar Isaac. Throughout the spot, Isaac's voice provides encouraging words to athletes ("She is going to have the best swing in the state"), but then they begin testing even his boundaries with their physical prowess ("What are you doing on top of that van?").

The commercial starts off inspirational, just like the usual Nike "Just Do It" ads viewers have known through the years. But that all gets literally shattered when a gymnast destroys a block as the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor tries to do his duty and deliver the company's iconic tagline. From there, Isaac's narrator character loses his cool as he watches athletes jump off cliffs, make layups from the roof of a crashed van, do extreme skateboard moves, and combine tennis and baseball for the most intense batting/racket practice ever, thanks to Serena Williams and Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton. "What kind of training is that?" Isaac's narrator asks Williams, who is offended and responds, "Excuse me?" (Don't worry, Oscar. She knows what she's doing.)

It's a fun and inspiring ad that shows that achievements don't have to be limited to what commercials tell people, either. Anyone can shatter limitations and raise the theoretical bar. The commercial was directed by Swiss Army Man helmers The Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) and features professional athletes like Kevin Durant, Aaron Gordon, English Gardner, and more, according to IndieWire. Ad Week reported that the spot is part of Nike's "Unlimited" campaign, features the song "Never Die,", and it ran as a 60-second spot during the Olympics opening ceremony, but you can check out the entire exciting two-and-a-half-minute short film on YouTube above. Nothing like the addition of a Star Wars favorite to make an already great ad even cooler.

Image: Nike