'Vanity Fair' Poll Claims People Don't Know Andre Leon Talley, and More That Would Disappoint Fashion Elite

Note: André Leon Talley is not a famous lion tamer. Or a 16th century French explorer. Or an icon of the silent film era. For goodness sake, he's a fashion editor. The former Editor-at-Large of Vogue? The tastemaking, hilarious fashion god? The man who got stuck in an elevator in the middle of New York Fashion Week after Oscar de la Renta's show? ("I don't think I'm coming back to his show ever in this building. Never am I coming back to this building. I am NOT coming back to this building. Eleven West 42 is not happening.") In Vanity Fair 's recent fashion poll, we learn that many people don't know the term "go commando," low-hanging jeans are more of a crime than clogs, an ascot is more desirable than a fanny pack, and a significant other is a more intimidating critic than Anna Wintour.

One question revealed that stores have more influence than magazines in cultivating clothing tastes. In a world in which Fashion Editor is a dream job and Fashion Week is a creative heaven, it can be disappointing that many do not take fashion as seriously as the geniuses that inhabit the industry do. Like any other leaders in their field, the top tier of fashion icons view glossies as so much more than ads and sometimes photoshopped images. With more competition than ever, and more outlets for fashion and journalism, getting the public to see the real beauty in the world of fashion fantasy takes a true taste-making eye — one that a man like André Leon Talley deserves to be recognized for.

Take a look at the survey to see what what the audience of the fashion industry really thinks.

Image: 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll