The 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Honest Trailer Is Perfect — VIDEO

Listen: we loved The Hunger Games: Catching Fire . It was great, lively, entertaining, and generally delightful as far as a cinematic-viewing experience goes. But — as is the case with all things — there's plenty about it that's hypocritical, hilariously absurd, and downright head-scratchy about its machinations when taken out of context. Which is why we fully support the guys over at Screen Junkies running the Jennifer Lawrence-fronter through the mill with this Catching Fire Honest Trailer.

I mean, just look at some of the choice quotes:

  • "From the company that owns a monopoly on teenage girl fantasies comes the only film about starving children... with its own delicious sandwich diet!"
  • "The thinking girls' Twilight"
  • "Watch as this good movie gets hailed as great because everybody wants to be BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence."
  • "Return to Panem, where its taken 75 years for people to get a little bit upset about the annual child murdering competition."
  • "Watch as this global role model and feminist icon spends the entire movie... getting saved by boys, complaining, being antisocial, and getting manipulated to the point where her actions have no effect on the plot at all."
  • "Peeta: a total burden to everyone around him whether he's drowning, falling, running into a forcefield, or wandering into a pack of killer monkeys. Nothing will stop Peeta on his neverending quest to escape from the friendzone."
  • "Not bad, Cake boss. Not bad."
Screen Junkies on YouTube

Come for the absurdity, stay for the hilarious nicknames for the cast at the end (seriously, they're wonderful).

Image: Lionsgate Entertainment