Twitter Is Digging The USA Gymnastics Uniforms

by Sienna Fantozzi

Gymnastics is always one of my favorite events at the Olympics — it's insane to see the mind blowing tricks these athletes can make seem completely effortless — but also, the leotards, because it's an event where fashion definitely has a place in the games. As it always does, Twitter reacted to the USA Olympic gymnastics team leotards, and it seems like they're in total agreement that they deserve a gold medal for athleticism as well as style.

The USA women's gymnastics team competed last night in Rio, and not only did they kick serious booty, but they also looked pretty fly doing it. The team wore matching red, white, and blue (I mean, of course) leotards with white stars on one sleeve and red stripes on the other, and it was the perfect amalgamation of 'Merica pride, glam, glitz, and a whole lot of fun.

Twitter definitely doesn't hold back when it comes to all things Olympic-related, so you better believe — they had some opinions on these flashy uniforms. And these leotards have the internets seal of approval.

One fans spoke out comparing the good 'ol USA's uniforms to one of the other countries. Spoiler: Ours are better.

And others are just digging the 'Merica vibes.

The only negativity is that there isn't more sparkle.

You'll get 'em next time, dudes.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Because seriously, these are pretty fab.