David Boudia's Fam Is So Cute

There are quite a few Olympic couples taking fans by storm with their cuteness, but perhaps none are quite as endearing as Olympic diver David Boudia and his wife, Sonnie Brand. If you happened to catch any of Boudia's diving at the Olympics thus far, then you've surely noticed Brand, and their smiley toddler, Dakoda, cheering him on from the stands. They're an especially sweet trio, and it's evident that their support gives him the courage to do things like win a silver medal in Rio for the USA. No big deal or anything. But outside of being an incredibly supportive partner, who is Sonnie Brand? Well, let's take a deeper look.

In the words of her husband himself, per an interview with NBC.com, Brand was his "reason to continue," along with their baby, after "reaching the pinnacle" of the London Olympics. An incredibly grand statement when you consider just how difficult it is to achieve what he accomplished. It's clear that she is someone who is not only "motivating" as Boudia put it to NBC, but quintessential. Brand has been there for Boudia throughout this Olympics and last, but it's time that she gets her own shine, don't you think?

Here are a few things to know about Brand, because she is truly noteworthy.

She's A Mean Chef

Brand has posted photos of food she's cooked on Instagram, and all I can say is, "Can I have some?"

She's A RDN

According to her Twiiter profile, Brand is a, "Follower of Christ, wifey, mama, RDN." A RDN, for those of you that aren't aware, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

She's Adventurous

Another pic on her Instagram shows Brand and Dakoda after they hit the water... although the toddler was obviously a little sleepy.

She's Incredibly Humble

In 2012, Brand was interviewed by Glamour where she talked about being the then-fiancée of a gold medalist. In that interview, she explained to the magazine that she's just fine with Boudia getting his due attention, and said, "You kind of learn where to stand, what to say, and when to chip in... I'm not silly enough to believe people are lining up to meet his fiancée, so sometimes I just step back more." Funny thing is, I don't think she realizes people totally would line up to meet her. She seems just as great, Olympic medals or not.

All in all, Brand is a woman of many hobbies and talents, and her hubs knows just how lucky he is to have her.