10 Times Moms Desperately Need An Extra Tissue

If there’s any phrase that was completely hammered into my head while I was growing up, it was definitely “Be prepared.” (OK, that and probably, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”) As a kid that could have meant something as simple as packing a sweater in case the school A.C. got too intense, but now as a mom it means learning the importance of keeping certain items within arm's reach at all times. Snacks for a sudden case of hanger? Check. A source of internet connection to quickly answer questions? Check. A box of tissues for runny noses and crocodile tears? Check. The list sounds simple, but trust me: The moment you notice that a single item is missing is the same moment that disaster will strike, hence me stressing the need to always be prepared.

To help you become even more prepared for any situation that motherhood throws at you, we've partnered with Puffs Plus Lotion (now available in bulk, thank goodness) to celebrate just a few of the everyday moments where a strategically placed box of tissues is a sight for a mom's sore — or watery — eyes. Take a read below!

1. When Photos From An Old Family Vacation Pop Up On Your Newsfeed

And then you realize you’re long overdue for another trip together.

2. When You Open An Email From Your Kid's Teacher Saying The Flu Is Going around

"Please don't let it be my child."

3. When You Finally Sit Down With Your Partner To Watch The Latest Tear-Jerker

They swore they'd never cry, but you knew better.

4. When Someone Decides To Tell Your Little One That There Are Monsters Under Her Bed

Mental note: Find out who they are, and never speak to them again.

5. When You've Caught That 'Thing' That's Going Around The Office...

On the day you're supposed to make your big presentation to your boss, no less.

6. When You've Spent Two Hours On An "Easy" Pinterest Recipe And Suddenly Feel A Tickle In Your Throat

You've come too far in this journey to order takeout! You can do this!

7. ...And When You (Finally) Sit Down To Enjoy A Nice Dinner With Your Family, And Everyone Sniffles At The Same Time

Aren't you glad you stocked up on tissues?

8. When Your Kids Are Belting Out Top 40 Hits In The Car And A Mushy Song Comes On

"Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry..."

9. When You Don't Realize It's Outdoor Allergy Season Until All Of Your Kids Sneeze In Unison

You'll have a box of tissues on each nightstand faster than you can say "Bless you."

10. When You Realize You're Slowly Turning Into Your Mom.

And you wouldn't have it any other way. After all, she always is prepared for anything.

This post is sponsored by Puffs Plus Lotion.

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