9 Things That Make Every Mom Feel Like a Superhero

by Lisa Beebe

If you're a mom, you already know that motherhood is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face—but it can also be more rewarding than you ever thought possible. As a mom, you’ll have to learn to navigate new challenges, like calmly talking to your kid when they throw a temper tantrum instead of throwing one of your own, or rationally explaining what they did wrong when they inevitably write on the walls in permanent marker. The list of new experiences that moms go through are just as long as the list of new things your little one is learning, and even if (when) a spilled sippy cup full of brightly colored fruit juice ruins your favorite white top, it's still no reason to hold a grudge against your child.

Ultimately as a parent, you have to rise above the frustration, which I totally realize is easier said than done. It can feel like a lot of pressure when you're constantly needing to be the strong, focused epicenter of your kid's world, and for that reason (and many more) we genuinely believe that there are no stronger superheroes out there than mothers. Every mom is powerful in her own way, and Bustle and Puffs Plus Lotion want to be your sidekicks. We teamed up to create a list to show you just how special you really are. Like other hardworking superheroes out there, you may not always get the thanks you deserve, and we guarantee that if we could figure out how to shine a beacon on the sky to celebrate your awesomeness, we’d do it, but for now, take a moment to congratulate yourself on all the times you’ve made the world a better place for your child.

1. Knowing exactly what your kid needs at any given moment

Does that scrunched-up face mean she's hungry, scared, or wants you to blow her nose with a Puffs Plus Lotion tissue? Is he upset because he's tired? Is that a silly dance or an "I have to pee" dance? Being able to sense what your child needs in time to avoid a tantrum definitely qualifies as a superpower. If you can read your kid’s mind—even just once in a while—you deserve to feel like a star.

2. Catching your kid being kind to others

That kid over there? The one asking another little boy or girl, "Do you want to share my toy?" That sweet child is all yours. When you see your offspring reaching out to other kids in a positive way, or saying “please” and “thank you” without prompting, you feel a rush of pride. You teach your kids to consider other people's feelings, and when you see that it's working, you feel like somebody handed you a gold medal for parenting.

3. Waking up one full minute before your kids

Most mornings, your kids probably wake you up at the crack of dawn. They’re bursting with energy and ready to play, and all you want is a few more precious moments of sleep. Every once in a while, though, you wake up before the kids and get to have a quiet moment alone with your thoughts. Don’t bother trying to fall back to sleep. Just relax and appreciate this tiny miracle, because it’ll be over almost as soon as you realize it’s happening.

4. Playing together and really having fun

The next time your kids ask you to stop doing what you’re doing and play with them, take their advice — even just for a few minutes. Having kids means you get to act like one from time to time, so make the most of it. Some of the most memorable parenting moments happen when you let yourself be silly, whether you’re challenging the kids to a dance off, turning the couch into a fort, or playing make believe with toy trains.

5. Healing your kid's cold without getting sick yourself

When your son or daughter is sick, you want to take the best possible care of them, but you’re also determined to avoid catching their germs. Being sick while your kid is sick is the worst. When you’re feeling weak and tired, the last thing you want to do is take care of a sick kid. If you prepare now, it’ll be easier to stay healthy the next time your son or daughter is feeling under the weather. Stock up on Puffs Plus Lotion, and keep a box in every room of the house. Trust us—you'll be glad you did.

6. Realizing you’re the best snuggler in the entire world

When your kid climbs into your lap so you guys can cuddle, you can feel just how loved you are. Your son or daughter knows for absolutely, positively sure that you give the best hugs in the world, and that's quite an honor. Being treated like a giant teddy bear is the best thing ever, especially after a tough day.

7. Getting your kid to eat something healthy

Feeding a picky eater is an ongoing challenge. You’re desperate to get some nutrients into that little body, so you cook up a special, kid-friendly meal—and after one tiny bite (or even just a sniff), it’s pushed aside. Just when you’re convinced your kid has the most temperamental taste buds on the planet, he or she surprises you by digging into real food without complaining. Tomorrow, they may reject your cooking yet again, but at least for now, they’re well-fed.

8. Impressing your kid’s teacher

When your kid starts preschool, you learn pretty fast that things like empty shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls will eventually come in handy. The next time the teacher sends a message asking everyone to bring in supplies for a recycled craft project, you will be so prepared that you'll be able to send your kid in with a few extras. (Want to make an even better impression? Send a couple boxes of Puffs Plus Lotion to school during cold season.)

9. Looking at happy family pics

There’s a reason to post lots of cute family pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s not to make your friends jealous. Those pics are like a happiness bank, capturing your kids’ lovable cuteness for future reference. If you ever feel like you’re losing your mom superpowers, there’s an easy fix: Scroll through your old social media posts. All those happy moments are proof that you’re doing an amazing job as a parent. Every family has bad days, but it’s the good ones that deserve a place in your heart.

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