Watch Ryan Lochte's Grandma Support His Olympic Adventures In The Cutest Way — VIDEO

Ryan Lochte is going to be swimming in the Rio Olympics, and though he's never been short of supporters back home, it's been decided who's his biggest fan yet: his 95-year-old grandmother. If you want some cheer while you indulge in the Olympics, watch Ryan Lochte's grandmother cheering him on while being wheeled around in her nursing home. Not sure if it's the upbeat "Chariots of Fire" theme song playing in the background, the creatively crafted paper torch complete with paper flames, or her delighted expression that cinches it. This is maybe the cutest Olympic moment so far, but it's a tough call since there have been quite a few.

Since Lochte's swimming career took off, he's definitely made a name for himself on the Olympic podium. A four-time Olympian with 11 Olympics career medals, he is the current world and American record holder in the 200-meter individual medley. Another person in his family who competes with his grandma for biggest fan? His mother, of course.

Training for the Olympics must be hard work: strenuous hours, fluctuating schedules, protein-packed lunches, and carpool rides. Who can keep up with such a demanding list of things to do if not for your family?

Another super supportive grandma who has shot to viral fame in the past few days is British Olympian swimmer Adam Peaty's 74-year-old grandmother, Mavis Williams, who tweets her support for her grandson (and they're filled with emojis too!) from Staffordshire, England. She's savvy enough to have figured out Twitter too, calling herself #OlympicNan.

To add on to the cuteness, Williams' twitter bio reads "Proud Nan to a World Champion Breaststroker." And she retweeted Lochte's video of his grandmother — could be a blossoming Twitter friendship!

USA gymnast Aly Raisman's parents, Lynn and Rick, went viral earlier this week as their funnily nervous expressions were captured while they watched their daughter hurl herself through air and basically contest the powers of gravity (to put it mildly).

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Though they've seen their daughter attempt great aerial feats before, they can't help their heartwarmingly nervous reactions. Here's a clip of them from back in 2012 at the London Olympics:

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And last but not least, is the Guinness World Record-breaking Brazilian grandmother, Aida Gemanque. At 106 years old, she carried the Rio 2016 torch in June — making her the oldest torchbearer in Olympic history. No matter there were still around two months to go for the Olympics, her enthusiasm could not be contained. This isn't her first record-breaking feat though — at 103, she earned the title of the "oldest skydiver."

It's thrilling to watch as these Olympian athletes break world records and rack up titles for their countries, but there's something to be said about how they got there and it's just as exciting to watch their relatives rally behind them in the most affectionate ways.