Aly Raisman Found Her Parents' Reaction Video Online & Reacted With So Much Pride

If you've ever played any type of sport (especially as a child), you probably caught glimpses of your parents practically falling over themselves to watch you from the audience. (I know this was the case with me when I danced ballet. I once watched my dad frantically wave to me as I tried to hold a stoic pose during our Nutcracker recital.) American gymnast Aly Raisman may be used to these same type of reactions from her parents — or at least, she is now. The adorably nervous reactions from Raisman's parents have caught the attention of Olympics viewers everywhere, and now even Raisman herself.

Throughout her events, Raisman's parents can be seen in the audience freaking out, clutching their seats and leaning back as though they've just taken off on an invisible roller coaster. NBC camera operators quickly took notice, training their lenses on the nervous parents. Of course, it then didn't take long for the internet to fall in love with Mr. and Mrs. Raisman.

And soon, the gymnast caught wind of the internet's newfound obsession with her parents. In fact, Raisman has only seen her parents in the now-viral videos and memes making their rounds online. She told USA Today that she hasn't actually seen her parents in person in about two weeks: "The only time I see them is that video that’s literally everywhere. I can’t believe it’s literally everywhere. People are texting me more about my parents than about me."

But the U.S. gymnastics captain is loving it. She's even retweeted several videos and memes starring her parents' gold medal-worthy reactions:

Though this isn't the first time her parents' squirming has caught the world's attention. They tensely watched their daughter take home two gold medals and one bronze during the 2012 Olympics, bringing their same anxious flare to the London games. The gymnast has even instructed her dad to wear the same shirts he wore throughout the 2012 games, believing that they're good luck.

It doesn't necessarily look like Raisman needs the extra luck. On Tuesday, she and teammate Gabby Douglas became the first gymnasts on the U.S. women's team to take home three gold medals in Rio so far. The group also won gold for their stunning team competition.

So if Mr. and Mrs. Raisman and their chair-leaning have anything to do with those wins, here's to hoping they keep being extremely nervous parents.