This Major 'Making A Murderer' Clue Unearthed By Fans Could Change The Case

The Netflix sensation Making A Murderer is still capturing fans' fascination and attention nearly eight months after its release. Dedicated amateur sleuths are working online to find new evidence in the 10-year-old murder of Theresa Halbach, and they may have actually come up with something. A new online theory about MaM could tie Steven Avery even closer to Halbach's death if it's true, further complicating the fascinating story surrounding the shocking murder in a small Wisconsin town.

Reddit user wewannawii posted a thought provoking new theory about the murder a few months ago in a Reddit discussion called StevenAveryIsGuilty. The troubling theory, which puts forth alleged new evidence, has been gaining traction recently in the active online community dedicated to the docuseries, specifically with those who were convinced by the show that Avery did murder Halbach. According to the makeshift investigation, Avery's fingerprints can be allegedly seen on the charred remains of Halbach's cell phone, which was found in a burned out barrel on Avery's property. Fingerprints can be burned onto metal in the event of a fire, and wewannawii claimed that special characteristics about Avery's fingerprints prove his are the ones on the phone.

According to the Redditer, Avery has scars on his fingers that match the exact pattern of the smudge on Halbach's cell phone. Avery does have scars on his thumb, as seen in the pictures included in the post, but there's not a clear enough shot of his thumb to confidently identify the smudge as Avery's fingerprint. With legitimate forensic testing, a more positive identification could be made, but the state of Wisconsin has little to no incentive in reopening a case that it already won, and Avery's legal defense team wouldn't want to pursue evidence that could potentially be damning to him.

MaM is slated to return with Season 2 debuting some time in the near future, during which the filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi may explore some of the fan theories that have developed in the wake of the show's release. While most fans, including some very vocal celebrities, accepted the show's premise that Avery had been framed for Halbach's murder, a significant portion of people believed that Avery was guilty.

Avery's case may never be settled in the court of public opinion, but the continued fascination with and debate over the case shows an interesting perspective on the trust and distrust of the American legal system. Further investigation into the case may continue to reveal new clues, but for now, most people simply have strongly held opinions on his guilt or innocence.