Ryan Lochte's New Hair Color Was A Total Accident

by Augusta Statz

You’d think that an Olympic swimmer would have the whole pre and post-chlorine exposure hair routine down pat. But, it seems as though even people who practically live in the pool can fall victim to rocking green hair after a swim session. The pool maybe have turned Ryan Lochte’s hair blue-green while in Rio, according to People. Hey, it happens to everyone once in awhile.

Before heading to Rio for the Olympic Games, Lochte dyed his normally brown hair an ice-blue color, but after spending time in the pool, he’s now giving us total mermaid vibes. I’ve gotta say, he looks good with this surprising color, but, I have a feeling going full-merman wasn’t his intention.

It’s hard to keep hair (especially freshly dyed hair) safe from the harmful effects of chlorine-treated waters, swim cap or no. You can definitely learn from this pastel hair moment and learn how to protect your strands from swimming pools while the summer season lasts because it’s never too late to start taking extra hair precaution, you know? Check out Lochte’s new chlorine-caused ‘do and then read on for how to prevent any unwanted mermaid hairstyles happening to you. Because it’s only cool to wind up with green hair when that’s what you planned, am I right?

This is his look before the Olympics began.

And this is after.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The mermaid thing works for him.


But, this is still a classic example of what chlorine can do to colored hair.

Here's how you can keep your locks protected the next time you take a swim.

1. Use Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Melt, $36, Kopari

Glamour spoke with celeb colorist Lori Goddard who recommended coating your hair in coconut oil before ever jumping into the pool. "It creates a slippery barrier between your strands and harmful chlorine," she told the publication.

2. Rinse Before Swimming

AleksandarGeorgiev/E+/Getty Images

Your strands are similar to a sponge, so soaking them in non-chlorinated water can help them absorb less of the harmful chemical, according to The Beauty Department, a blog run by hair stylist Kristen Ess.

3. Rinse After Swimming

AleksandarNakic/E+/Getty Images

Glamour also recommends rinsing hair with tap water after you're done swimming, too. The less time that chlorine sits on your tresses, the better.

4. Try A Color Protecting Shampoo

dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo, $24, Sephora

This shampoo is specially formulated to keep blonde hair looking bright and beautiful. Pairing a color-treating shampoo with a day of swimming is definitely a good idea to keep your color looking good as new, according to Prevention.

5. Be Sure To Deep Condition

Treatment Masque, $12, OUAI Haircare

Following a swim session with a treatment that will deeply and gently cleanse your strands is also a good idea to repair any damage from the harsh chemicals, Brit & Co. reports.

If you follow these steps, hopefully you won't wind up with a Lochte situation on your hands. Good luck, swimmers!

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