8 Slow-Cooker Recipes, Because There Are Still Some Cold Days Left :(

I love the idea of crock pots. Besides winning the lottery or getting a new puppy on Christmas, what could be better than having a meal ready when you return home from work?

Unfortunately, in my experience, crock pot meals are usually different variations of soggy meat and potatoes. So, I scoured the Internet for eight slow-cooker recipes that will put those vats of wet meat to shame. There's hot chocolate! And hummus! And chicken enchilada soup! You're welcome.

Image: The Comfort of Cooking

bacon jam

Did you know you can make jam in a crock pot? This bacon jam from Coordinately Yours is awesome to spread on a baguette, add to a grilled cheese, put on top of a burger, etc.

Image: Coordinately Yours

creamy potato and bacon soup

This winter has been brutal but things seem to finally be warming up. If you are still thawing, try this creamy potato and bacon soup from Inside BruCrew Life and you’ll be warm in no time.

Image: Inside BruCrew Life

salsa verde chicken

If you are craving something spicy and delicious but still simple, this salsa verde chicken from The Comfort of Cooking is for you. Plus, the toppings are endless and will please any eater.

Image: The Comfort of Cooking

chicken enchilada soup

I love soup and I love enchiladas so there is nothing not to love about Your Cup of Cake’s chicken enchilada soup recipe. You can prep this soup in the morning, set it in the crock pot and come home to a delicious meal.

Image: Your Cup of Cake

apple butter barbeque meatballs

If meatballs could talk I’m sure these apple butter barbecue meatballs from What’s Cooking, Love would be saying “Eat me!”

Image: What’s Cooking Love

homemade hummus

Yes, that’s right. You can even cook up a delicious hummus in your crock pot. This homemade hummus recipe from Big Girls Small Kitchen is delicious and simple. Pretty amazing, huh?

Image: Big Girls Small Kitchen

dulce de leche

Did you know you can make dessert in a crock pot too? I had no idea but of course I’m excited. Try making this dulce de leche from Savory Sweet Life at your next dinner party.

Image: Savory Sweet Life

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Can this picture be any more mouthwatering? Make yourself one of these slow cooker peppermint hot chocolates from Jelly Toast Blog ASAP

Image: Jelly Toast Blog