Laurie Hernandez Saying "I Got This" Is All The Confidence You Should Have, Too

I wouldn't know, but I'd guess that being a 16-year-old about to compete for a gold medal at the Olympics is fairly stressful. But gymnast Laurie Hernandez had a pre-performance moment that should remind all of us to be confident in ourselves. As she whispered to herself, "I got this," giving herself the confidence she needed to absolutely slay her balance beam routine, she became an instant role model for girls everywhere — as if she wasn't already.

Her incredible gymnastics performances, as well as her demeanor that would make anyone smile, has already made her a star on the Olympic stage. She's winked at the judges before her floor routine, blown kisses to the camera, and, oh, just absolutely killed it in general, and her confidence in herself and her team has obviously taken her far.

Hernandez and her teammates — Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, and Madison Kocian — went on to take home the all-around team final's gold medal, because this "Final Five" is the squad goals you've always dreamed of. And while it's clear they support each other through their performances, it's just as important that each woman supports herself, too, because that kind of self-love is everything all girls deserve.

She is unabashed, as she should be, about that confidence, too. After being asked by the Associated Press what her biggest talent is, she said, "I'm confident. I'm a crowd pleaser." She sure is. Hernandez has been nicknamed "The Human Emoji" and "Baby Shakira," describes her own gymnastics routines as "sassy," and isn't afraid to have fun, despite staring down the biggest test she's ever faced.

And luckily, NBC has put together a highlight reel of Team USA's all-around performance, so we can still bask in the glory that was Hernandez and the rest of the team's star power. And perhaps watching them believe in themselves can remind us to be confident in ourselves as well.