Jon Hamm & Jimmy Fallon’s Photobombs Will Make You Very Jealous Of These Tourists — VIDEO

Some New York City tourists got very lucky during their visit to Rockefeller Center when Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon photobombed their pictures. As part of a Tonight Show segment, Fallon's staff asked tourists outside the building if they would pose for pictures at the "Top of the Rock" that would be used on promotional materials. People agreed, and when they made their way to the roof to get their pictures taken, Hamm and Fallon silently popped out making for some epic photobombs.

And these were no ordinary photobombs. They make use of props and secret hiding places. There's Fallon and Hamm doing a chest bump, Fallon and Hamm peeping out of a fake concrete slab, and the best one, Fallon and Hamm sharing a sub Lady and the Tramp-style. Somehow, no one realizes what is going on behind them. These people should look around more often. New York can be a dangerous place!

The photos are almost as jealousy-inducing as they are smile-inducing. Just think, all of these people are going to have great pictures of themselves on a rooftop with an amazing view and have Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm in the background! You'll really want one. I know I do. Fallon and Hamm end up introducing themselves to some of their victims in the end and even pose for some more traditional photos. You'll want one of those too. Really, any kind of photo, handshake, or sighting from afar would be just fine as far as I'm concerned.

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