The Final Five Has The Best Priorities

by Alex Gladu

The U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics team — the self-proclaimed Final Five — officially has a fresh set of gold medals after Tuesday's team final in Rio — and they're not letting them go. On Wednesday, members of the team hustled to grab their medals as they evacuated their building in the Olympic village due to a fire alarm. The alarm turned out to be just a drill, but the tweets from Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez show their priorities — and their gold medals — are in order.

Biles and Hernandez both played a key part in the Final Five's big win on Tuesday. Biles competed in all four events, and Hernandez competed in three out of four. Together, all five members of the team solidified their spot atop the Olympic podium. Oh, and they didn't just win — they won by the largest margin in the history of the current scoring system.

Then, perhaps even before the feeling of the gold medal win had sunk in, the Final Five rushed out of their Olympic village dwelling as a fire alarm sounded. As they evacuated, their most prized possessions were in tow: their gym bags and their gold medals. Biles posted a video of the incident on her Snapchat account on Wednesday:

The video appears to show Biles, along with teammates Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian, and Hernandez, gathering with other Olympic athletes in the wake of the fire alarm. "The fire alarm's going off, but at least we got our gold medals," Biles seemed to say in the video. She and Hernandez also tweeted about the incident:

They were also quick to let everyone know that the emergency signal was just a false alarm — probably a drill. Biles Snapchat story quickly populated with an update about the false alarm, and Hernandez tweeted that the alarm was just a test. It was good news — for both the athletes and their newest accessories.

Biles may have more medals to protect in a matter of days. On Thursday, she'll compete in the women's individual all-around final, contending for the gold medal won by Douglas in 2012. She'll also compete in the balance beam, vault, and floor exercise finals, which means that she could leave Rio with five medals. Not to mention, at the rate she's been going, they could all be gold. For her part, Hernandez will compete in the balance beam final. For either of them, the next fire drill evacuation could be a little more golden.