9 Memes To Celebrate Left-Handers' Day

Saturday, Aug. 13, marks Left-Handers' Day. That's right, left-handed people get their own special day of recognition, and to help celebrate the occasion I rounded up Left-Handers' Day memes to share with all of my fellow lefties. (I know, it's hard to believe that memes actually exist for left-handed people, but here you go.)

Lefties have it tough. Approximately 10 percent of the population is left-handed, which means that just about everything in the world is made with right-handed people in mind. From scissors and notebooks to desks and the direction in which English is written, everything can be a real struggle for lefties. These memes touch on it all, including some of the major benefits, as limited as they may be.

For those of us who are left-handed, though the world may be working against us, it's nice to remember just how special we are. Even if we do have to put up with blurred ink on our hands and cramped muscles when we try to use right-handed scissors, I still feel pretty cool being a leftie. Let's unite, left-handed people of the world, because not only are we awesome, but we've learned how to overcome just about everything right-handed people take for granted.

At least there's one area of life in which we excel.

Basically, yes.

And my left hand could be twice as useful.

For us left-handers that are right-side dominant... life is tough.

This is a legitimate question.

Just a day in the life.

For real though.

This doesn't surprise me one bit.

The struggle is so real, you guys.

Images: MemeCenter