You Need LIVELY's New All Day Line In Your Closet

by Melanie Richtman

If there are two trends that have exploded with popularity in the past year, it's athleisure and bralettes, which is why you're going to absolutely fall in love with LIVELY's new All-Day Series, which is filled with lace, stripes, and bodysuits, all with an athletic-lingerie twist. But when can you buy LIVELY's All-Day Series?

The launch is closer than you think! LIVELY's All-Day Series launches Thursday, August 11, meaning you can browse the new collection just in time to incorporate it into your fall wardrobe update. LIVELY's products combine all of the best elements from lingerie, athleisure and swimwear to create a comfortable and stylish set of separates they describe as "leisurée," which seems pretty fitting to me.

If you aren't already sold on the idea of leisurée, you should know that Khloe Kardashian is a fan of the brand. Earlier this month she was spotted in Beverly Hills wearing a black LIVELY mesh trim bralette with high-waisted black skinnies and a long bomber jacket (which is an interesting choice for summertime in California, but I digress).

LIVELY describes this bralette as "the ideal bra for when your preferred option is no bra (but you still have places to go, things to do)," and I honestly can't think of a more accurate description for anything ever. That same vibe is continued with LIVELY's new All-Day Series.

Here is a sneak peek of some of our favorite pieces from the All-Day collection...

This Botanical Bralette

Because floral print is so last season (just kidding, but this plant motif is so fresh).

This Criss-Crossed Bralette

This simple tweak to the back of a bralette makes it so much more interesting. It also comes in black.

This Sporty Bodysuit

Kind of seems like something Kylie Jenner would wear, doesn't it?

This Simple Black Bralette

Fashionable and functional.

You can shop the full LIVELY All-Day Series on August 11 by visiting

Images: Courtesy of LIVELY