Catalina Ponor's Boyfriend Is An Olympian, Too

by Andi O'Rourke

Romanian Olympic gymnast Catalina Ponor is no stranger to the games, finding herself in the international spotlight more than once. In fact, she's been attending the games — and bringing home medals — since the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. During the opening ceremony this time around in Rio, she was even selected to represent her nation by carrying its flag. Her central position on the Romanian team has prompted curious viewers to learn more about her athletic career and, as always, her personal life. As it so happens, Ponor and her boyfriend, Tommy Ramos, share something very special in common: both have dedicated themselves to gymnastics. The Puerto Rican artistic gymnast is an Olympian in his own right, and understands exactly what it takes for his partner to succeed on the global stage, since he's been there himself.

Ramos is 30 years old and a graduate of Pennsylvania State University. A native of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, the athlete got his start in the Metropolitan Gymnastics Club, and before long was a standout on the global stage. He ended up winning gold at the 2002 Junior Pan-American Games on the high bar, but his career certainly didn't end there. Two years later, he took silver on the rings and the high bar, while bringing home a bronze on the parallel bars, at the Bulgaria Gymnastic Championships. The standout even was recognized by his high school during his senior year in 2004, clinching the Sport Department Achievement Award, despite the fact that San Antonio High School didn't even have a gymnastics team. In college, he also competed on the rings, even setting a record for Penn State University in 2008.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Ramos' Olympic career began in 2012, when he competed in the London Summer Games on the rings, where he ended up placing sixth overall. Despite a disappointing performance in London, 2012 was also the year that he and Ponor officially began dating, and it looks like things are still going smoothly. Needless to say, the pair is a gymnastics power couple.

In an interview with Primera Hora, a Puerto Rican media outlet, Ramos explained the cultural differences between Romanians and Puerto Ricans. According to him, it has never been an issue in their relationship. “Europeans can be a little cold, but Romanians — I’m happy to say I have a Romanian girlfriend — are a lot like us Puerto Ricans. They’re very happy people who enjoy life." The fact that both fully understand each other's commitment to the sport of gymnastics helps. too.