Is Andranik Karapetyan OK? The Olympic Weightlifter Seriously Injured Himself During This Important Event

It's usually all fun and games watching the Olympic athletes do their thing. It's impossible not to be in awe of how high Simone Biles flips, or how fast Katie Ledecky flies through the pool. But every once and a while, even viewers are reminded of just how physically taxing it must be to compete in the Olympics. On Wednesday, Olympic enthusiasts were certainly reminded of this often painful reality. Just as one Olympic weightlifter was about to bring home the first Rio medal for his home country of Armenia, he suffered from an overextended elbow. Is Andranik Karapetyan OK? Needless to say, watching 20-year-old Karapetyan's arm give way was not easy, but it was certainly a lot less painful for the viewers than for the athlete.

Thanks to footage that has now gone viral for its gruesome nature (footage of Karapetyan's injury), viewers can easily be reminded that the Olympics is certainly not all fun and games for the athletes. In the video of Karapetyan — who was on the verge of Olympic glory, and about to medal, according to The Daily Mail — as he lifted 429 pounds overhead his elbow overextended, thus causing the severe injury. Needless to say, the weightlifter's pain is evident in the video, and the moment may go down in history as the most devastatingly painful event of the Rio Olympics.

Typically, non-Olympians think of the Olympics in terms of winning and losing, and not about injury. However, it would be impossible to watch the video of Karapetyan's injury and not consider the pain Olympic athletes must endure during training, and competition. It's moments like these that remind viewers that athletes are human, too.

As horrific as it is to watch Karapetyan's elbow contort as he lifted the 429 pound barbell above his head, hearing the weightlifter's screams of pain may just be the worst part of the video. Understandably, the Armenian athlete cried out in what sounded like unbearable pain as he let the weight drop to the floor.

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The footage of Karapetyan reminds viewers of the physical taxation, and potential for injury, that Olympic athletes must endure, but it also stands as a reminder that being a professional athlete can bring immense disappointment.

Karapetyan was about to medal when his elbow overextended during the weightlifting event on Wednesday, and it's undeniable that the athlete was disappointed not to bring home the gold for Armenia. Usually, Olympians display super-human strength as they compete for the gold, but Karapetyan's pained screams are a reminder that just like viewers tuning into the Rio games, Olympians are just like us and get hurt, too.