Watch Aly Raisman's Incredible All-Around Routine

by Yvonne Juris

By now you've probably heard that Team USA secured yet another mega-win in the Rio 2016 Olympics with American gymnasts Simone Biles taking gold and Aly Raisman silver, making the predicted outcome for the women's individual all-around final a reality. Both victories were met with uproarious cheers, and for those looking to see video of Raisman's spectacular Olympic medal performance, there are luckily some clips out there of her breathtaking all-around showing.

The 22-year-old Massachusetts native, who shattered records in the 2012 London Olympics as the first American woman to secure a gold medal in the floor routine, has been known for her electrifying and bold performances. In her spectacular 2012 routine, Raisman performed to the traditional Jewish song, "Hava Nagila" and dedicated that performance to the 11 Israeli Olympians that were murdered in the 1972 Munich Summer Games by Palestinian terrorists. Her dedication was met with much praise, and a writer for the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, called Raisman the "official Jewish heroine of the 2012 Olympic Games."

And now in 2016, alongside renowned gymnast Simone Biles, Raisman made another unforgettable win, tearing up just moments after she concluded her routine. And adding to the emotional impact was the iconic hug she shared with her teammate after it was announced that Biles would take home the gold.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

While the official video of both routines have not yet been released by NBC, you can still see clips of Raisman's elegant and evocative performance via some social media clips.

And there are also some clips from her performance on the beams:

In her self-fulfilling prophecy, Raisman, then 9 years old, wrote in her 2003 Camp Wicosuta summer yearbook that she would be an Olympic gymnast in 20 years. Her dream came true, though she overshot just how long it would take. Known for her strong work ethic, Raisman's vigorous training paid off in 2012 when she was just 18.

Russia's Aliya Mustafina took home the bronze medal, placing behind Raisman; a reversal from the 2012 Olympics, in which Raisman placed fourth, just behind Mustafina, in the 2012 all-around final. Such a reversal must have added additional emotional impact for the now-four time Olympic medalist; an outcome for the "Final Five" team that has had a storybook ending sealed with a beautiful display of sportsmanship (well, sportswomanship) in Raisman's hug shared with Biles after the final standings were announced.