These Simone Biles & Aly Raisman Memes Are The Best Way To Celebrate Their Historic Win

The American team reigned supreme in the all-around gymnastics finals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, with Simone Biles and Aly Raisman taking home the gold and silver medals, respectively. The results weren't exactly a surprise; Biles is generally considered the best gymnast alive and was widely expected to win the gold long before stepping onto the mat. But the two Americans shared the glory: After the scores were announced, Biles gave Raisman a huge hug, and the two posed for photos together. Not unexpectedly, memes of Biles and Raisman celebrating together quickly flooded Twitter.

Although the two women were, technically, competitors in the event, they clearly shared a sense of companionship. In addition to the fact that they'd collectively won the gold medal in the all-around team event earlier at the Rio games, Raisman herself openly acknowledged on Sunday that she hoped Biles would win, and was simply delighted to be competing alongside her.

“Just to be able to have that with [Biles] and to experience it, it’s really going to be special,” Raisman said on Sunday. “I go into it knowing that I hope that she wins, just because she wins every single competition.”

The fact that these two shave an obvious affinity for one another despite being competitors made their gold and silver medal victories all the more enjoyable to watch. And of course, they inspired some great memes as well.

It's always enjoyable to watch your country's team win at the Olympics. It's even better when the top two finishers are on your team, and when they happen to be friends with each other as well, that takes it to another level entirely. Moments like these are what make the Olympics worth watching.