Simone Biles & Simone Manuel Share More Than A Name In Common During These Historic Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics have already provided so much awesome social media fodder, especially for those who love to see women, and especially women of color, excel. On Aug. 11, Twitter reacted in kind to news of Simone Biles and Simone Manuel winning the all-around gold medal in gymnastics and the gold medal in the women's 100-meter freestyle, respectively. Their shared first name was not lost on social media users, and Twitter is freaking out about the "two Simones" in the best way possible.

The historic achievements both women exhibited can't be understated: they made women's history and Black history as Biles became known as the best gymnast in the world for winning the all-around gold medal and Manuel broke the race barrier in individual Olympic swimming events. Their achievements will undoubtedly inspire young women of all races (and young Black women in particular) to achieve their dreams. Furthermore, their attitudes about their role in history and about the racial climate they live in are a breath of fresh air, showing that they can both be incredible, world-class athletes and also be confident, nuanced individuals who refuse to be categorized or compared to anyone else.

The Internet is understandably having a veritable love affair with these two amazing, unique athletes.

Two Gold Medals... And A Major Height Difference

This photo not only shows these awesome namesakes posing with their golds, but also shows the difference between the physiques of a swimmer and a gymnast — both of whom are beautiful.

Biting Their Medals, Because Of Course

Fun fact: although medals are only 1.34 percent gold now, they used to be completely gold. One way to prove this was by biting it to see if you make an indentation, as gold is a softer and more malleable metal.

It's A Big Deal For Houston

Not only do they share a first name — both Biles and Manuel are from the Houston area.

Hopefully Beyoncé Will Take Notice

I mean, Serena Williams was in the "Sorry" video.

Look Out, Beckies

There can never be enough Beyoncé references.

"Simone" Is About To Become A Popular Baby Name

Long live The Simones.

Even They Get A Little Confused

The pre-history-making tweets are so exciting.

But These Golden Simones Are Making History

Excuse me while I use an entire box of tissues from crying.

The story of two Simones lacks a competition between these two brilliant and very different athletes, proving that we can enjoy their wins without pitting them against each other. That, too, is historic.