Natalie Will Def Get Paulie Evicted On 'BB18'

Things are getting real on Big Brother 18 — there’s no time left for the houseguests to pussyfoot around. I don’t know how it happened, but Bridgette and Zakiyah got evicted on Big Brother, and I’m totally not happy about it. Why? Because Paulie and his sexist mumbo-jumbo should have been sent packing. Instead, viewers and houseguests alike are forced to sit through more time with this arrogant bonehead. Though Natalie’s attempts at evicting Paulie didn’t work this time around, she definitely has him where she wants him. Natalie’s new game strategy is slowing driving Paulie insane on Big Brother 18.

We saw how much of a jerk Paulie was when his relationship with Zakiyah started to spin off the rails. They were volatile as all hell, with Paulie flirting with everyone in the house and Zakiyah trying to make him jealous. Paulie never had any regard for Zakiyah’s feelings — he just wanted someone to cuddle with at night. Natalie let Zakiyah into this information this week, telling Zakiyah how Paulie was flirting hard with Nicole and some of the other Big Brother 18 women, talking about Zakiyah behind her back, and being generally unpleasant. Natalie figured these truths were the best solve to try and get Paulie evicted, but when Paulie found out about Natalie’s campaign, boy, did he blow up.

But he blew up like a scared little boy. He talked to the other houseguests about how Nicole was just a “Jersey girl” and she was acting how a “Jersey girl” behaves, which I guess is just a euphemism for a woman who doesn’t sit and let herself and other women be trampled all over by some guy. Paulie then talked a lot about Natalie’s breast implants, commenting on how she has fake boobs and how they’re as fake as she is and she has boobs and they’re fake and... I don’t know, I blacked out because I have boobs and they’re really not that special. Also, they’re my business and only my business, much like Natalie’s implants are only her business and not up for commentary.

Paulie’s language recently has been disgusting — on Thursday night’s feed Paulie said his sister and cousins, "will beat the s**t out of both those two girls [Michelle and Bridgette]," according to Big Brother Network. But I think that all of his focus on Natalie is causing Paulie to slowly unravel. He lectured her for her behavior last night on the feed, and when she said he didn’t need to reprimand her, he yelled at her for suggesting that he was.

Natalie’s targeted approach to unveiling Paulie as the duplicitous, snake he really is is throwing Paulie off of his game. Paulie can’t stand to be called out, especially by a woman. Natalie is his target now, but Paulie’s fixation on weird things like her speaking out against him and her breast implants make him seem desperate and frankly, a little crazy. Paulie knows that things are slipping away from him, and he is getting mad.

It just goes to show that bullies don’t respond to anything but force. How far will Paulie fall? Natalie’s game (with Michelle at her side) may put her at risk for eviction, but if it is causing Paulie to lose his own strategy and the favor of the house and America, I’d say it’s all worth it. She's a hero.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS