Behold The Cucamelon, A Melon-Cucumber Hybrid

If there's one thing people love universally, it's miniature versions of food. I'm serious: What's better than a mini cupcake, a mini espresso, or a couple of your favorite burger sliders? Pretty much nothing. That is why it's no surprise that "cucamelons," the bite-sized melons that actually taste like cucumbers, are making a splash in the foodie community right now.

According to Mental Floss, these bite-sized wonders have actually been around for a while and are native to Mexico and South America. These mini melons are technically a variety of cucumber, but allegedly their taste is notably different than the ones we typically find in the supermarket. Personally, when I think of a cucumber, I don't imagine a lot of taste. Instead, my palate focuses on the crisp crunch and refreshing water that tends to come from a bite. These cucamelons, however, actually have a unique taste that is moderately sour, which makes them great for a quick snack or to add to a cocktail.

The nice thing about cucamelons is that you can actually eat the entire thing without taking it apart, removing seeds, peeling it, or so on. And personally, given the recent heat wave, I can't imagine who wouldn't be game to have a snack that is both easy to eat and refreshing, am I right?

Cucamelons are also known as "mouse melons" or "Mexican sour gherkin" and typically take three to four months to grow, so if you aren't finding them in your local store or farmer's market, you'll have to wait a good bit before you can actually grow them yourself. According to The Huffington Post, if you do choose to grow your own cucamelons, they're actually pretty easy. As Julie R. Thompson explains, the fruit is generally eager to take root and will blossom easily. Even better? Once they blossom, they tend to yield a lot of these grape-sized melons, meaning that you can ~literally~ enjoy the fruits of your labor pretty happily.

Images: YouTube