Jason Sudeikis & Chevy Chase Are the Same Person

Jason Sudeikis is far from simply being Olivia Wilde’s adorable arm candy on red carpet affairs... nay, nay. He’s a Saturday Night Live alum turned bonafide movie star. After the success of last summer’s We’re the Millers, Sudeikis has been the comedian on everyone’s dance card. He’s got three movies coming out this year and it was just announced that he will play Irwin Fletcher in Fletch Won , the reboot/origin story of the classic 1985 comedy Fletch (and less successful sequel Fletch Lives), that were based on a mystery novel by Gregory McDonald.

The original Fletch was played none other than Chevy Chase — who, at the time, wasn’t the eye-roll worthy “what jerky thing is going to come out of his mouth next” sort of persona he has with fans today. Nay, in 1985 Chase was in top form playing goofy, accessibly handsome, snarky-and-sarcastic-with-a-smile lead roles (gee that sounds familiar).

According to the production company, “Fletch Won is an origin story, described as a gritty action comedy with heart and more tonally in line with McDonald’s novels than the Chase movies.”

Frankly it’ll be a little hard for audiences to remove their idea of Fletch as it was so iconically played by Chevy Chase... and the fact that Jason Sudeikis may actually be young Chevy Chase and he’s Benjamin Buttoning all of us. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof that Sudeikis’s casting is so perfect because he’s actually Chevy Chase:

They both made their way into the big leagues through Saturday Night Live:

Chase was a member of the innaugural cast in 1975 and was the first anchor on Weekend Update. He left in 1976 to pursue his acting career as he was SNL’s first major breakout star. He’s also hosted the show 8 times.

Sudeikis's most popular appearances in SNL are likely his Joe Biden impersonations, playing the Devil on Weekend Update, and incredibly dance moved on "What’s Up With That." He was on the show from 2005-2013.

They both star in a movie about a dysfunctional family, crammed together on a road trip where plenty of illegal things happen:

We’re the Millers, please meet your origin story, National Lampoon’s Vacation.

There’s also that movie where the main character hates their boss enough to allow or commit kidnapping and/or murder:

Horrible Bosses, your origin story is Christmas Vacation.


Jason Sudeikis was born the same year Chevy Chase started on SNL. He was born September 18, 1975 and the first episode of SNL aired on October 11, 1975… .I think I rest my case.

Images: Saturday Night Live/NBC; We're the Millers/New Line Cinema; National Lampoon's Vacation/Warner Bros.; Horrible Bosses/New Line Cinema; Christmas Vacation/Warner Bros. Gifsoup; Rebloggy