All The Sweet *NSYNC Reunions You Need

by Caitlyn Callegari

Growing up there were no celebrities I fawned over harder than the entirety of *NSYNC, aka the world's greatest boy band. Sure, Justin Timberlake was the one I wanted to marry (one day I'll forgive you, Jessica Biel), but I appreciated them all in their own way. Above all, what I truly loved about the band was that they seemed like such good friends. Of course, bands and casts of both TV shows and movies can put that friendship on for PR purposes and it all crumbles once the stars go their separate ways, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this particular group. As evidenced by *NSYNC's reunion for JC Chasez's birthday, these guys have a genuine bond that's lasted an impressively long time, especially by Hollywood standards.

While they may not have the chance to get together as a whole as often as I, or they, may like, that doesn't mean that the singers have become strangers over the years. They've had multiple reunions, both big and small, and they are glorifying to witness. Though *NSYNC may be not be together anymore musically, the band continues through their collective bromance, and that's all us fans can really ask for anyway, isn't it?

1. Their Recent Reunion For JC Chasez's B-Day

They're all there! All five!

2. The VMAs Performance Of My (And Your) Dreams

I'm still screaming.

3. When Chris, Joey, And Lance Hung Out... Sorta

It counts.

4. When They Actually Saw Each Other In Person

So dapper, the lot of them.

5. When Joey And Chris Reunited... In The Recording Studio

Like, what?!

6. And, Vice Versa

Oh, you guys.

7. For Real, Though, Joey Is The King Of One-On-One Reunions

He gets what's important.

8. See? I Told You

Mr. Congeniality of the group, for sure.

9. Considering Joey And Lance Have Always Been Close Pals, I'm Not Sure If Their Hangs Count As A Reunion

But I'm going to include this one anyway. (Fast forward to around the 2:00 mark.)

10. Alright, Alright I'll Throw This One In For Good Measure, Too

I can't resist the Aflack duck.

11. When Justin And Chris Took A Selfie To End All Selfies

I approve.

12. When JC Sang At Lance's Wedding

If this isn't a true testament to a lasting friendship, I don't know what is.

13. When Chris And Justin Hung Out With Some Other Famous Pals

Casual. Very casual.

Ahem, these new boy banders could never. *Goes into One Direction witness protection program*