This Throwback Ryan Lochte Interview Is A Must-See

Brace yourselves, Olympics fans, because this throwback video of Ryan Lochte being interviewed by a news team out of Philadelphia in 2014 is the video every fan needs to see. It may have been filmed two years ago, but this video preempts so much of what we know and love about Lochte today. Probably due to his good looks and charm, Lochte has the entire news team cracking up at the end, totally taken by his description of his then-new reality television show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Honestly, the interview is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen, but with both anchors devolving into giggling, guffawing, snorting messes by the end, this is one interview every Lochte fan should watch.

So what exactly has these two news anchors in such an uproar? Quintessential Ryan, really. He capitalizes on his charm, his fame, and his dashing good looks to give one heck of a memorable interview. He pulls out all the deep answers, makes googly eyes at both of them, and talks about how there is “so much more to [him] than swimming.” In a word, it's adorable.

By the end these two can’t even stop laughing, and I'm pretty sure you'll be in the same boat.