7 Things To Learn from Springsteen's Selfie

Oh hey, America. How's your Tuesday? Ugh, I know, Tuesdays are kind of the new Mondays on levels of suck. But don't worry, dear friend, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Bruce Springsteen posted a most outstanding selfie this morning and it's everything you need right now. No really, it is. From a sunny, hazy penthouse suite, The Boss snapped a pic of himself looking tousled, rugged, and covered in denim. Just as he should be. His handsomeness just won't stop, and Jersey's #1 son captioned the pic, "good morning and welcome from my penthouse suite high above the rolling hills of central New Jersey. This morning I am attired in a shirt by Levi and bed head by Beethoven!"

Stop it with that Bruce! You wanted to wish us a good morning AND tell us about your styling choices? Good sir, we salute you. Springsteen is currently getting ready to make his way across America promoting his latest album High Hopes and making us all proud of the red, white, and blue 24 hours a day, seven days a Springsteen-tour-filled week.

While prepping for his big tour, Springsteen has really been working on his selfie game and we love every second of it. Sometimes he documents such majestic things like himself riding a horse in the snow or leaning against a graffiti-covered wall in Rio... because, you know, he is THE BOSS.

Here's the amazing photo (again, because you NEED it) and all of the things we can take away from it:

  1. He definitely sleeps in denim. How else would his head-to-toe looks be so rugged and yet so effortless? It's just that broken-in.
  2. Central New Jersey is REAL. The debate rages amongst New Jerseyans as to whether or not there is a "Central" New Jersey or just a North and South. The Boss doth proclaim it, therefore it must be so.
  3. He's got no qualms with bragging. And you know what Bruce? You're just living the American dream and we respect that.
  4. He likes suites that are decorated like your college boyfriend's apartment. No curtains? Seriously, Bruce?
  5. He's got more rock 'n roll memorabilia than he knows what to do with, "Oh that old drum over there on the window? Yeah, that was given to me by Ringo Starr... or something."
  6. He just redefined, "I woke up like this."
  7. He's as sexy now as he ever has been. We'd get lost in this hazy morning selfie for DAYS.

Image: Springsteen/Instagram