Here's How To Wear Tarte X Styled By Hrush

by Augusta Statz

Owning this palette is basically like having a makeup artist on-hand. Well, it’s as close as you can get without actually hiring a makeup artist. But, now that these tutorials are here, you’re going to feel like a pro when applying your own makeup. These Tarte Cosmetics X Styled By Hrush tutorials show you just how to get the most out of this palette.

The shades in the Styled By Hrush palette were hand selected by celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan, so you can guarantee they’re going to look amazing. The eye shadows and blush shades are totally wearable and will give you a minimal makeup look or allow you to get glammed out to the max. It just depends on how you’re wanting to wear it.

Tarte Cosmetics took to Snapchat to show how you can use this palette to do your own makeup on your wedding day or for any special occasion, and a slew of other beauty vloggers have demonstrated just how to wear these colors, too. So, no matter what kind of makeup you’re going for, there’s a tutorial out there for you. Open up those palettes and follow along with these videos because a little practice never hurt. You’ll have these looks perfected in not time, you makeup artist in-training, you!

These shades are just as gorgeous as they are versatile. Let's find out just how to wear them, now, shall we?

This could be the perfect palette for the bride-to-be.

You'll be using these shades to create the look.

Mixing the two shimmering shades together will give you just the right color.

Then, come in with the darker Vamp shade to fill in the crease.

Looking good, girl!

The dramatic Kitty will go great on the lid.

Especially when you get the most color payoff possible.

Don't forget to apply it on the lower lash line to really make those eyes pop!

A deep brown liner pairs well with these shades.

Apply along the water line and lash line for an even more intense look.

Of course, you've got to top it all off with mascara.

The end result is a smokey look that's glam but definitely not too over the top, especially for a special occasion!

Check out a few other ways you can wear the beautiful shades in this palette.

Adding a winged eye liner takes this neutral-toned eye makeup to the next level.

This two-part makeup video shows you just how to use the palette to create a super wearable everyday eye look.

Here you'll learn more about just how pigmented these shades are as well as find out which shades to blend together to create this subtle smokey eye look and shimmering highlight.

Images: tartecosmetics/Instagram (1); tartecosmetics/Snapchat (12); YouTube (3)